Airline Business Limited 


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Airline Business Limited 

APG Global Associates is the world’s leading network of businesses specializing in airline products and services. In 2008, with over 60 Country Members and more than 20 Allied and Service Partners, APG Global Associates offers professional services in some 112 countries. To ensure its clients both optimum sales coverage and professional competence, APG Global Associates invites only the strongest organization in each country or area to be a member. APG Global Associates members know their markets intimately and provide airlines with the most cost-effective means of market presence. Selected professional service providers join APG Global Associates to ensure additional services provisions in all areas of Airline business Today, APG Global Associates collectively serves over 240 airlines worldwide.

APG Global Associates 17th Annual General Meeting took place in Geneva at the IATA Head Office venue, with 70 particpants coming from 43 different countries. The AGM has been welcomed by Tom Murphy Senior Vice-President Distribution at IATA and was the occasion for training and workshops on the different new APG Porducts and Services

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